Lock Change

We serve everyone in need of lock change in Burnaby, British Columbia. The service is usually urgently needed. Other times, people reach us for the replacement of old locks before they start facing problems. Whatever your case may be, make contact with Burnaby Locksmith.

Our team is available for such services. To be accurate, we are available for lock and key change in Burnaby – anything needed. Let us get into some details.

Emergency lock change Burnaby services

Lock Change Burnaby

If you need emergency lock change, Burnaby locksmiths come out as soon as possible. Make a note that emergency services are provided around the clock. If a lock must change due to severe damage during a break-in, for example, count on our team to send a locksmith 24/7.

Of course, we quickly send locksmiths to change locks that fail to work as they should, are worn and filthy, or have other problems that may diminish security or make your life difficult. If, for any reason, you need lock replacement urgently, just drop us a ring.

Key change services

On the other hand, you may need key change. That goes hand in hand with lock rekey services. A key must change when the original one is stolen, lost, or found – for any reason – at hands with no authorization to a specific property. In such cases, locksmiths respond super-fast to rekey locks and make new keys. Is that what you need right now?

Lock replacement to boost security & comfort

Then again, you may want locks changed to boost security. Or, to make your life easy. We send pros to change cabinet locks, mailbox locks, patio door locks, window locks, car locks, front door deadbolts, commercial locks, and more.

Locks may need to be changed on various occasions – when you remodel, need to avoid future security issues, want to make improvements, and more.

Of course, if you face some problems, you can also book lock repair. Pros often need to align strikes or replace cylinders. But if the problem cannot be fixed or you want an extra level of security and convenience, changing locks is the best thing you can do. Be sure that whichever lock you want replaced, the lock installation is expertly carried out.

All locks are removed and installed correctly. From mailbox lock replacement to deadbolt installation, expect top-quality service from skilled pros.  

What do you need today? The car locks replaced? An office deadbolt changed? The home front door deadbolt replaced? If it’s time to book lock change, Burnaby locksmiths are ready to take over. Speak with us.